IAIN MCKELL exposes monographs of a neo-native performance tribe living in Tottenham – ‘The RePsychos’ – DARK SIDE OF PINK



“The Re-Psychos Re-Punk. Concept protest costumes by a sisterhood of young women living together in a warehouse. The neo-native tribe of Tottenham. A new Sub Culture that refrences the indurance of the punk attitude of the 70’s. They are not feminist but celabrate feminity. There message is to look after the planet and recycle. All there costumes the creatures wear are scavenged from skips and the streets of Tottenham and beaches like Brighton. Created by Ellie Walker and brought to physical life by the fierce team of women friends she lives with. All are creative indaviduals this is one aspect of this truely inative new British Sub Culture.”


An exhibition took place in September 2016 at Project Space.