IAIN MCKELL Now! Freeze Art Fare UK -CULTURAL TRAFFIC & ‘Infinity’ (1979-2015) Southend Exhibition


Sid Truelove and Zillah Minx

‘Infinity’ (1979-2015) spans four decades of extraordinary photographs, from the music and street culture of Southend in the 80’s to more recent work documenting radical people over 50 who have been trailblazers from the 80’s underground counter-culture.


David Holah, Stephen Linard and Kim Bowen


Jeffrey Hinton


Lana Pillay, Julia Fodor and Christine Binnie


Stephen Linard,Eve Ferret and James Biddie Biddlecombe

‘Sid Truelove and Zillah Minx had a lovely day with Iain McKell and his friends as Iain talked them through each photo, who was in it and where they were taken.’ – for more read visit Sid’s Facebook.


UK’S first Print Publishing fair CULTURAL TRAFFIC coming up over Freeze weekend 7-9th Oct. WILL BE THERE – at Tobby Mott’s table